Rainbow ECD Centre is located in Masiphumelele, one of the most disadvantaged areas in the Metropole of Cape Town. Here, the community lives in extreme poverty and has a really high unemployment rate. At Rainbow ECD our children enjoy a safe space and care from teachers who offer experience and aim to educate them and help them to develop into the best they can become.

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Our School was designed for children to run, play and learn. Although limited by space we made allowance for portable sandpits and water baths. Two huge water tanks were installed to retrieve rainwater. Drinking water urns were installed in the playgrounds. We are in the planning phase for container planting for learning as well as growing vegetables.

The architect designed the school around the kids and every class caters for sleeping mats, circle discussion space and fantasy areas. Children are encouraged to exhibit their craft and artwork. Our four classrooms caters for 2 till 6 years old including a grade R class.

Our school is well equipped with educational materials, books, puzzles, games and educational toys; as well as art materials and utensils. We use these on a daily basis for the children in order for them to enjoy art activities. We are working towards music equipment for every room.

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Heritage Day vs Braai Day

This month we celebrate Heritage Day. I’ve noticed too many people (adults) refer to this day loosely as ‘Braai Day’ and I find myself asking the question, is ‘braai’ing’ really our heritage? Is this really what years of fighting for our freedom, our rich culture and story is left to? Braai’ing? That does not seem.

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July Highlights

BLANKET DAYSaturday 13 July we got together on a chilly Winters morning to make some blankets for our kids. We are so happy for the support received from our parents and staff who made a special effort on a Saturday morning to come and support our kids and school. We had a fun morning filled.

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First Parent Meeting for the Year!

We had our first meeting for 2019. We may need to change our venue as the turn out of parents is so positive that we can no longer fit into a classroom! We are so excited to see more and more Dads showing up and filling their role as active parents.

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